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    What is Blood Pressure Holter (ABPM)

    Blood Pressure Holter (or ambulatory blood pressure monitor) provides patients with chronic blood pressure disorders to track and record their blood pressures non invasively at least 24 hours.

    "The device inflates and lowers cuff wrapped on arm at regular intervals with help of a motor operated on battery, monitors the blood pressure for at least 24 hours and records the results. At the end of the follow-up period, the device is removed from the patient, connected to a computer to transfer to acquired data. Analysis of these data is done with software installed on the computer.

    Usage Area of Blood Pressure Holter

    It is used to monitor, measure, record for at least 24 hours, analyze and plan the treatment of chronic high blood pressure, usually irregularly varying blood pressures,

    Working Principle of Blood Pressure Holter

    Device consist of control system, programming buttons, LED or LCD screen, DC motor and sensors. It measures sistolic and diastolic values of blood pressure with help of inflation and deflation of cuff wrapped on arm. Measurement range is usually 10 to 270 mmHg.

    Blood Pressure Holter Components

    Mini Holter Recorder
    Cuffs in different sizes
    PC and Software
    Data Transfer Kit
    AA battery

    Warnings about Blood Pressure Holter

    Battery must be checked
    Routine controls must be done
    Cuffs mustn't be broken

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