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    What is Infusion Pump

    Infusion pump is the name given to a certain time interval and device for administering drugs to a certain extent by a housing or solution and administered intravenously to the patient.

    Working Principle of Infusion Pump

    There are several types of infusion devices commonly in use, employing a variety of mechanisms to control the flow and volume being infused for a range of purposes and environments. The most common are elementary gravity controllers, which use a clamping action to vary the flow; volumetric pumps, which employ a linear peristaltic pumping mechanism; and syringe pumps, which work by pushing a plunger to drive a syringe at a predetermined rate.The pattern of fluid delivery is dependent on the type of pump used and typical flow patterns for volumetric, syringe, and ambulatory pumps at a flow rate of 1 mL/hr. Each pump can deliver accurate average flow rates (within manufacturer specifications) over long periods of infusion. However, syringe pumps are typically used to deliver fluid accurately over shorter periods of time.

    Features of Infusion Pump

    Infusion pump is a medical device used to deliver fluids into a patient’s body in a controlled manner. Infusion pumps may be capable of delivering fluids in large or small amounts, and may be used to deliver nutrients or medications – such as insulin or other hormones, antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, and pain relievers. It reduces errors to minimum due to health employees.

    Types of Infusion Pump

    Volumetric pump, syringe pumps, pca pump, ambulatory pump, drop cycled infusion pumps. There are single and doubled varieties. Usage with cassette and IV-sets.

    Usage Area of Infusion Pump

    Infusion pumps are used in intensive care units, operating rooms, anesthesia rooms, heart catheterization laboratories,pediatry intensive care units, emergency rooms, burned treatment units, oncology intensivecare units, enteral feeding operations and home care services
    Mostly, it is used for coronary failure, renal impairment, burned, shock etc. liquid and electrolyte replacement, inotrope drugs (dopamine etc.), vasodilatation drugs and diuretic, thrombolytic, conscious sedation.

    General Specifications of Infusion Pump

    Used for intravenous, arterial and enteral drug applications.
    Must be portable
    Must have internal battery system for power outage.
    Correspond to standard suitable infusion pump set.
    LCD panel must be high resolution and easy-to-read.
    There must be air alarm on set.
    Infusion process must have 3 different mode; rate, time and volume. These variations can be non-stop observable at the same time.
    Bolus mode, micro-infusion mode must be.
    Device's volume parameters in the range of 1 - 999 ml and can make 1ml increment. On micro-infusion mode in the range of 1-999,9 ml and can make 0,1 ml increment.
    Infusion speed must have in the range of 1 -1500 ml/hr
    Device must self-test itself , give a warning if there is error.
    Device must have auditory and visual alarm system for errors, low battery, door open,bending hose or air bubbles and stop infusion to patient if neccesary.

    Instructions for Infusion Pump

    First plug in electric cable. Static grounding must be considered.
    Start device by pushing on/off button.
    Set put in infusion pump, air discharge into the set.
    Place infusion set to device.
    Dose and time parameters are set before starting.

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