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    What is Surgical Light

    A surgical light – also referred to as an operating lamp is a medical device intended to assist medical personnel during a surgical procedure by illuminating a local area or cavity of the patient. A combination of several surgical lamps is often referred to as a “surgical light system”.

    Usage Area of Surgical Lights

    Surgical Lightning Systems are used to mimic daylight where actual sunlight can't reach, in closed and controlled environments such as operation rooms. It's light characteristic is so important since same object may be percieved in different colors when lightning conditions changes.

    Working Principle of Surgical Lights

    One or two main arms mounted on the actual ceiling of the operating room and two or three head operating lamps, which are attached to these arms and are generally positioned towards the head and foot end of the table, with their own handle, handle or wall mount, touch or LCD Panel. The control operation usually includes the light intensity of the surgical lamps in the headers, the ambient illumination lamp at the edges of the surgical lamp, and the camera zoom and position if present.

    Halogen or LED modules in the headers usually operate with 24VDC voltage, which is mounted on the inside of the ceiling or on the wall where the control panel is located.

    Occasionally, a medical monitor is attached to the 3rd row of lamps and the surgical images obtained with a dedicated SD or HD camera placed in the camera head are monitored on this monitor. In addition, images can be transferred to the hospital server if desired, and PACS, Endoscopy image, Vital parameters etc. that may be required during the procedure. They can be recalled from the server and viewed on the same arm monitor or wall monitor. This mutual image and data communication system is called Integration.

    Basic Components of Surgical Lamps

    2 or 3 pieces Lamp Holder Housing
    Ceiling Mount Module
    Power Supply Unit
    Monitor (optional)
    SD or HD Camera (optional)
    Wall-mounted Remote Control Unit (optional)
    Entegration System (optional)

    Warnings about Surgical Lights

    When mounting, balance must be considered.
    Make sure that braking mechanisms are working
    Lamp surface must be disinfected and clear, handle must be sterilized. When not using, lights must be switched OFF. Cameras must be stored its package

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